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Components - Hoppers


Universal Hopper

120,77 GBP

Download Universal Hopper Datasheet (PDF)


We believe that the Universal Hopper is the original and still the best, with over 1.25 million units sold worldwide. This best-selling Money Controls product offers unrivalled performance and reduces operating costs. Furthermore, it has an extended lifetime. Among the other attributes that make it so popular, is its large capacity (it can hold up to 1200 Euros, 950 one pound coins, or 1500 US 25 cent coins). This reduces the number of empty/refill cycles.

Like all Money Controls products, the Universal Hopper provides excellent resistance to fraud and levels of security. Jams are prevented by continuous agitation of the coins in the hopper and the auto-reverse function.

The Universal Hopper has a long-life with minimal maintenance, thus reducing the overall cost of ownership.



  • Truly global - one build-type handles 95% of world's coin sets;

  • Large capacity;

  • Secure payout - up to three coins per second;

  • Continuous agitation of coins to prevent jams;

  • Auto-reverse for jam clearance;

  • Low-level sensing, with option for high- or top-level sensing;

  • CcTalk serial interface option with encryption.


Compact Hopper

42,39 GBP

Download Compact Hopper Datasheet (PDF)


The Compact Hopper does exactly what the name says, providing a large capacity with a small footprint. This makes it ideal for many applications including retrofit. Like our other hoppers, the Compact range offers high security and high speed, in this case for single denominations. We have sold over one million of these units worldwide, and they can handle more than 95% of all the world's coins. The Compact range can be used either with standard parallel or ccTalk interfaces.


Combi Hopper

53,93 GBP


We have produced the Combi Hopper to respond to new market requirements for faster coin payouts. The Combi allows three coins to be paid out from two hoppers. It stores 2 Euro, 1 Euro and 50 Cent coins in its hoppers and can reach payout speeds of 6 to 8 coins per second in stream mode, as it does not hunt for specific coins to pay out, but takes the first available coin from the mixed hopper and then makes up the balance from the second hopper. Coins are identified on payout.



  • Fast payout of 2, 1 and 0.50 Euro coins from just two hoppers;

  • Payout speeds up to 6-8 coins per second in stream mode;

  • Ensures maximum coin re-use;

  • Reduces initial cash required to float machine;

  • Offers leading levels of security, with three types of coin sensing, including stealth optics at the coin output to minimise the possibility of tampering;

  • Can be driven in a single coin mode if required;

  • Uses ccTalk serial protocol with full error reporting and is driven by the host machine.


Cyclone Hopper

81,11 GBP

Download Cyclone Hopper Datasheet (PDF)


Like our other hoppers, the Cyclone handles 95% of the world's coins, but does this within a much smaller package. It is ideal for applications where lower coin capacities are required, including the latest multi-pay gaming machines. The Cyclone comes with all the other attributes of Money Controls hoppers including security, speed and reliability.



  • Developed specifically for gaming applications;

  • Wide range of sizes and capacities to suit all machines:

    • Standard: square bowl and base (available with one or two extensions);

    • Extended Bowl;

    • Mid-Capacity (available with or without carrying handle);

    • High Capacity (available with or without carrying handle).

  • Excellent fraud discrimination;

  • Highest levels of performance and security;

  • Truly global design:

    • accepts 95% of world's coin sets;

    • reduces lead times, stockholding and costs.

  • Choice of interface:

    • casino standard parallel interface;

    • ccTalk serial interface.

  • Efficient use of available machine space;

  • Multiple optical sensors and stealth lightguide;

  • Auto-reverse for jam clearance;

  • High and low-level sensing;

  • Interchangeable discs for different size coins;

  • Fast payout, in 'single' or 'stream' mode.


Cyclone High Capacity Hopper

126,90 GBP

Download Cyclone High Capacity Hopper Datasheet (PDF)


The Cyclone High Capacity Hopper is designed to meet the requirements of today's international gaming markets for high capacities. Typically, it can hold 2500 US 25 cents. The Cyclone High Capacity Hopper delivers all the other benefits of Money Controls hoppers including high performance and security, and acceptance of 95% of the world's coin sets. It is easy to slide in and out of the machine, and its carrying handle makes for easy transportation.