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   DIGITAL ELECTRONIC is one of the leading manufacturer representatives, system
integration and product design companies in gaming domain in Romania and it has the
best engineers engaged in electrical and electronic design, providing cutting-edge


   DIGITAL ELECTRONIC was found in 1994 and it was meant to be initially a spare
parts supplier for gaming halls and arcades in Romania. It has had a maximum of activity
between 1995 and 1998 and a slight decay after, until 2002. Year 2002 brought a new
management team (check out our staff-contact) and with it, a new activity development
and serious improvements. The company has presently a large palette of activities.
Today our company has a host of high-profile customers who continue to rely on
DIGITAL ELECTRONIC for most comprehensive range EDA/CAD tools, Reliability
Analysis Software, DSP, Embedded Data Acquisition & system solutions.